Review: Batman Beyond #17

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No Future

Batman Beyond has been an unexpected rush bringing great quality stories to readers on an unpredictable schedule. When last we saw Terry McGinnis, he had taken a shot to the head and was badly phased. Does he manage to recover and clean the Joker King's clock, or are two Batmen visiting death's door?

In this issue, Terry escapes Joker King's clutches, and Joker King tangles with Hush.

Calm (Sorta) before the Storm

This plotline is most definitely getting ready to conclude, but in the midst of all the excitement, the creative team takes a slight break from the action to make sure all the pieces are in place.

The vast majority of this issue revolves around Terry being confronted with imminent death and his own lack of power. In a way somewhat reminiscent of Peter Parker, Terry reflects on his own motivations about being a superhero and all that he has and will lose because of it. You could certainly make the case that having such thoughts while on the verge of death is a bit unrealistic, but I can buy into the idea assuming that the well composed thoughts of Terry's monologue are more cohesive versions of what he was feeling rather than actual words running through his head.

Hush and a few other supporting characters get some screen time in this issue as well, but I fear that Dick Grayson might be getting ready for his final bow. I am certainly a long way from sure, but Grayson is in a dangerous position, and Batman Beyond has proven itself to be willing to sacrifice the sacred.

Conclusion 9/10

It's another great issue of Batman Beyond. Pick it up and enjoy.