Review: Birds of Prey #17

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I'm running behind on reviews, and I kind of hate this series, so don't be surprised if I cut this review short. Birds has been massively disappointing recently, and I've already read the preview for this issue, and I know I have no reason to expect things to get better. Is Birds of Prey a scream, or is it for the birds? (yep, I just made both those puns. Suck it class!)

In this issue, the Birds are attacked by killer Russian robots, private security, and each other.

DC, Please Cancel This Series

I really hate this series. I am extremely thankful that the current writer, Duane Swierczynski, is finishing up his run and leaving the series. If Marx does not turn it around, then I am calling for its cancellations because my money and time is worth more than this crap! Honestly, it's not the truly bad series that tick me off, its the ones that just so clearly are phoning it in every month. I could make up plots like these in a couple hours. It's just frustrating to no end.

Anyway, I do not have anything but concentrated rage to say in any organized way, so we will do this with...

Bat Droppings

1. I'll give credit where credit is due, the art looked very nice in this issue. It was not jaw dropping, but it was good.

2. Batgirl says that their goal should be to, “Restore power.” How? Black Canary, the Bombastic, Blond Bimbo, just wiped out the entire station. It is rubble. What could you possibly do to restore power you nitwit!

3. I don't actually think Babs is a nitwit, but the writing seems...I'm editing myself mentally right not before I saw something impolite. At least Babs had a course of action. Black Canary, in contrast, does nothing remotely useful all issue. (except, arguably, give in to a death threat)

4. We managed to make it a whole two pages before the team ended up fighting itself. Lazy writing.

5. Stryx's handstand kick on page four it pretty cool.

6. If you have robotic probes, why wouldnt' you just arm them with lasers of firearms instead of making them have to attach and shock a target for extended periods? This is a massive villain fail.

7. The robo-vision effect on many panels is pretty neat looking.

8. I can't get used to Amanda Waller being thin. Anybody else having that problem?

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9. This is a minor gripe, but don't you think a security force would try to peacefully secure suspicious persons at a crime scene rather than light them up with gunfire?

10. Why is Strix the only one trying to take out these machines?

11. Strix almost certainly did know the device had been deactivated. If it had not been deactivated, she would have felt the pull of the machine's movement.

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12. I like Condor's helmet, I've decided. I don't like the rest of the costume, but if you just look at the helmet itself, it looks pretty cool. It looks kind of modern medieval.

13. After completely inadvertently killing all the workers at the power plant, failing to defend themselves against a moderate threat, and attempting to kill one another, the team walks in to the sunset in an epic line.

Conclusion 4/10

This book soooooo does not deserve your money.