Review: Legends of the Dark Knight #32

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What Happened Was...

I greatly enjoyed the last two issues of Legends of the Dark Knight which examined the events of an attack at a Gotham Knights game from various perspectives. We have already seen the point of view of various members of the audience and the perpetrator, Calendar Man, but the last issue left us with the tease that we will finally get the true story from Batman's perspective. Are the missing puzzle pieces finally revealed, or is the big reveal not all that revealing?
In this issue, events are replayed from Batman's perspective.

And the Revelation Is...Nothing!

Admittedly, the story never promised any big surprise at the end of this story, but when a plot structure is built around giving different pieces of information from different perspectives and the perspective of the hero is saved for last, it would make sense to me that the heroes' perspective would carry some sort of revelation. Not so.
We pretty much get the same story as we got the last go around. Sure, there are a few changes, but they were all predictable variations of what Calender Man said last issue. Basically, you see things from Bruce's perspective, and the credits role. There are two minor additions to the story which partially redeem this issue, but it was still a bit disappointing.
(Spoiler) There were two elements towards the end of this issue I did enjoy. First, Calender Man messed up his dates. True, this could be seen as a fault, but Calendar Man has always been a bit of a joke, so I have no problem seeing him fail. Second, Batman gave detective Kelly records of his interaction with Day, and I had never really considered this simple solution for clarifying events.

Conclusion 7/10

This is an okay finish to the story, but it feels as if it needed something more.W