Paul Dini Writing a Bat Family Book for Vertigo?

Here's  a weird one. Paul Dini and Edurardo Risso (former artist for Vertigo's 100 Bullets) are supposedly working together on a Vertigo title involving a Bat related character. The problem is that the interview with Eduardo Risso was conducted in a different language, so all we currently have is something processed through a Google translator. We could be losing some details in the process.

The Batwoman title does come to mind as something that would cross over nicely. It's pretty much in its own universe anyway, and the Vertigo imprint would probably give creators like Williams III the freedom he originally wanted for the series. However, that seems unlikely.

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15 People Who Have Kicked Batman's A$$

Among his almost endless triumphs, some people occasionally own the Batman. This list celebrates that fact. Like most of i09's articles, this one is not particularly deep, but it is knowledgeable and eclectic reminding me of a few defeats I had forgotten and cluing me in on several I had never encountered thereby adding to my list of "things to read at some point." It's a fun article.

Former Batmen React to Bat-Kid

This is one of those stories that I'm posting out of obligation. The internet seems obsessed with mentioning how actors who formerly played Batman think it's awesome/adorable that the Make-A-Wish foundation did this amazing thing for Bat-Kid, the boy who survived lukemia who wanted to be Batman for a day. However, this article smacks of fame worship to me. A famous person says that a little kid dressing up as Batman and having an awesome day as a gift for fighting a horrible disease is cute and admirable? No duh! That's the reaction every feeling human has to the story.

Anyway, I guess the reactions from Batfleck, Bale, West and Keaton are fine. I just don't get why people are making a big deal about it, but I promised to bring you the Bat News, and this is tracking we go.

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Scott Snyder To Write the First Black Robin

I was pretty excited about this revelation that Scott Snyder and Sean Murphey had anointed  a new Robin that would pick up Damian's mantle, but then I remembered that Snyder and Murphey recently announced a sci-fi Batman project set in an alternate future, and sure enough, that is where this black Robin will come into play in a futuristic backup story for Detective #27. When the announcement for this sci-fi story was first made, it sounded as if it would be a miniseries, but I'm not sure that was explicitly stated. Still, I wonder if the story in Detective will be standalone or if it will jump start a miniseries.


Batman and Joker Old Brave and Bold Comic

Bizzaro Back Issues regularly takes comic lovers down memory lane exploring comics from yesteryear. This week, we get a look at Brave and the Bold #191 where Bats had to team up with the Clown Prince of Crime. The article summarizes the whole thing with lots of scans from the original issue. I'd recommend it for anybody with a love of retro Batman action.

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New Millenium Skins Available for Arkham Origins

A new skin pack is apparently available for purchase for Arkham Origins. All of these had been previously announced, so I'm guessing these are skins you can access without having to go through the unlock procedure or without getting on board with certain pre-order bonuses. The skins include Red Son Batman, Blackest Knight Batman, New 52 Batman, Noel Batman, 1st Appearance Batman and One Year Later Robin. It costs five bucks.

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Marv Wolfman Talks Tim Drake and Teen Titans

Marv Wolfman (former writer of The New Titans, Tales of the Teen Titans, and The New Teen Titans) discussed several items of interest in a recent interview. Specifically, he discussed how he got into comics, his thinking when he created several important character including Blade, Cyborg, and Red Robin and his desires for a Teen Titans animated movie series.

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10 Best Teen Titans Go! Gags You Might Have Missed

Teen Titans Go! a weird series. I've been a supporter of it based of the clips I've seen, but I've recently seen many more of the full episodes, and it's...weird, and I can only take it in small doses. It seems for every joke that lands, one misses. It's a series I watch for moments and not for the episodes, so it's nice to have some of the best moments pointed out. Many of these are background gags that you could have easily missed. If you have any affection for the series, this is worth checking out.

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Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly Fight

Soooooo, what?

This has apparently been well received, but I don't get it. We have Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly, frequent voice actors for Batman and Superman respectively, acting out a weird confrontation. I can think of several ways this could be entertaining. If the voice actors decided to take their characters rivalry into the real world and actually come to blows, that could be funny. If it was a battle of egos where the two were trying to out superhero each other, than could be funny. If the two are bored and just do this for fun, that could be funny. If the two just read various famous lines to give their own unique spin take on famous Batman and Superman quotes, that could be entertaining, but this skit doesn't really make any attempt to justify itself. It's just Conroy stalking and then threatening Daly.

Humor is subjective. Maybe you guys will like it, but it didn't work for me.

Rare 80's Superman Comic Worth 2,000 Pounds

So, 2,000 pounds is not a ridiculous amount compared to the going cost of Action Comics #1, but it is a pretty hefty price to pay for a Superman comic from the late eighties. What makes this comic special is that there were only 200 made. It was designed and distributed for a boy's birthday party. The story was specifically made to have the kid team up with Superman in his own adventure. Pretty cool.

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The Most Controversial Comic Stories of All Time

411Mania does a weekly feature where they make a poll and have staffers discuss the results of last week's polls. Last week's polls were on which hero has the best rogues gallery. To no surprise, Batman won that poll, but you might enjoy the discussion about his and other heroes' villains. This week's polls are on the most controversial comic stories of all time, and a couple Batman story arcs made the list...both concerning Jason Todd.

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